This painting was inspired by my journey to the Hill of Tara and Lough Crew in Co. Meath, Ireland’s Ancient East. I learned of the Tuath Dé Danann, an ancient supernatural magical race of Irish mythological gods who retreated to the underworld to avoid the Formorians, monstrous beings with dark and destructive powers.
Having danced with death, experiencing loss many times over the last decade, I imagined that last journey of our loved ones to the underworld. Not something to fear, but a journey of joy, not to hell or heaven, but to a final place they can rest peacefully until they come again.

  • Onwards To The Underworld an original oil painting by Emily McCormack.
  • Ar aghaidh go dtí an Domhan Thíos
  • Landscape oil painting
  • Oil on board
  • 74.5 x 105cm including frame
  • The frame is an ivory-white hand-finished solid timber frame